My Pet's Place

We started in a regular man/woman vanilla relationship and through communication and exploration have decided to expand into the realm of BDSM. We looked at the different types of power exchange. Dominant/submissive, Master/slave, Daddy/littlegirl and the one that fit best was Owner/pet.

This is my pet's place. A place that I encourage her to have so that she can express her thoughts and feelings. This is also a medium that I will use to set her tasks and monitor her activities. This blog is also a reminder to my pet, of where her place is.

Long Distance Scenes

It can be hard, very hard, to maintain the BDSM part of a relationship over long distance. You can only get so much mileage out of putting clothes pins on your own nipples. As I was masturbating today I imagined a scene that I think would work quite well LDR.

Sir and I set up our usual system of communication through skype, we both have video and sound communication, he can see me, hear me, and vice versa.

Sir asks me to arrange the following items (or similar). A dildo of some type, a vibrator of some type (I was thinking of my vibrating egg), a squeezy bottle of honey (or massage oil, something fluid), some clothes pins, a fly swatter or cooking spatula, lube, plus a couple of random items from about the house.

He then directs me to log into a chat room that he has created on a public network (Yahoo or similar). He tells me to turn my laptop around so that I cannot view the monitor, however I have to leave my headphones on so that I can hear his voice.

Now the scene is set. I can hear him, but I can't see him, or the chat room that we are in. He then "opens" the chatroom to the public, allowing others to enter and make requests. They are given the list of instruments that I have available, and are free to come up with any combination of actions they wish. As I cannot see the screen he verbally communicates those requests to me, and of course I must obey.

Now this can be toned down or intensified, depending on the mood.

If Sir wished it to be just a mindfuck, because I cannot see the screen he could "lock" the chatroom after I entered which would prevent anyone else from entering. Thus all the "directions" from strangers would in fact be his directions. He could also use this as a means of introducing to me some kinkier actions that he might not be entirely sure I would embrace... "it's not me asking you to coat that fly swatter in honey and spank yourself, its BigOne4You requesting it". ;) The scenario is safe and totally controlled by Sir, because even though I believe we are public, there is only the two of us and he is controlling all the actions.

This can be intensified a level by actually opening the chatroom and allowing members of the public to make requests. Sir would still have to relay those requests as orders to me, and he of course would reserve the right to not have me engage in an activity he thought was dangerous. This could be an entertaining way to expose ourselves to other people's kinks in a safe environment. In this scene only Sir would have access to my video, everyone else would be relying on communicating with Sir through text chat for feedback on their requests.

The most challenging scenario is of course to give those members in the chatroom full access to my video and/or voice feed, so they are getting immediate feedback and I am actually performing live for an audience. I have body image issues so I would of course prefer voice only, however pushing me on that could lead to areas of humiliation, challenging my boundaries, you know all those wonderful emotional things about BDSM.

I love this idea because it is so highly adaptable, can work for most anyone as the boundaries are easy to keep in tight or push out wide, but I think regardless of whether the players are experienced or new like us, it's something that could be incorporated long distance quite readily.


Owner said...

Love the concept. Something I'd love to explore in stages and definately an activity I would enjoy.

I think I would have limits with this but on the whole it'd be something fun and worthwhile.